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What’s Happening In Class

Week of March 11-15

This week we will be working on a web-quest examining the 3 Branches of Government.  We will have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of class time to work on with a final submission by the end of class Thursday.

  • Articles 4-7 Study Guide will be handed out Thursday with a due date of Monday 3/18

Week of March 4-March 8

This week we will be finishing working through the Constitution and the Preamble and Articles 1-3 (The 3 Branches of Government)  Assignments are as follows:

  • Article 2 Study Guide due Tuesday 3/5
  • EdPuzzle Almost Painless Guide to the Judicial Branch in class Tuesday
  • Article 3 Study Guide due Wednesday 3/6
  • Article I and II Digital Notebook Activity in Google Classroom due Wednesday
  • Quiz on the Preamble and Articles 1-3 this Friday 3/8

Week of February 25-March 1

Monday, February 25

  • Constitution Lesson 2 Wksht #3 due today
  • The Congress at Work
  • Article I Part I Study Guide due Wednesday

Tuesday, February 26

  • CNN 10
  • Work Day
  • Article I Part 2 Study Guide due Friday

Wednesday, February 27

  • Correct/discuss Article I Part I - this covers Sections 1-6 of Article I
  • EdPuzzle - Almost Painless Guide to the Legislative Branch

Thursday, February 28

  • CNN 10
  • Work Day - Finish EdPuzzle and Article I Part 2 Study Guide due tomorrow (Friday)